Janine Pommy Vega (1942-2010)
Joanne Kyger (1934 -)
Carolyn Cassady (1923 – 2013)
Lenore Kandel (1932 - 2009)
Freedom of speech
ruth weiss (1928 - )
Hettie Jones (1934 - )
Hettie Jones was one of the first women to have an interracial marriage in the Greenwich Village (New York). She later became one of the first memorialists who would describe the lives of the Beat Generation. When she married the poet Leroi Jones (who would later be known as Amiri Baraka) their home became one of the most important meeting points for some of the writers of the Beat Generation.
Hettie Jones a été l’une des premières femmes à avoir un mariage interracial à Greenwich Village (New York). Elle est devenue plus tard l’une des premières mémorialistes qui a décrit les vies de la Beat Generation. Quand elle s’est marriée au poète Leroi Jones (qui sera connu plus tard sous le nom d’Amari Baraka), leur maison est devenue l’un des points de rendez-vous le plus important pour certains écrivains de la Beat Generation.
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